Malaysia is the melting pot of flavors with many delicious herbs and spices that are unique to the region. It is through this deep understanding of nature’s finest ingredients and through a group of passionate individuals, Red Chef is born to be able to bring out a wide range of cooking pastes that features the best authentic flavors of Asia.

In today’s modern and fast paced lifestyle, Red Chef aims to provide quality instant food experience to consumers without compromising on the freshness of the flavors and to the infusion of healthy natural ingredients via our unique traditional cooking methods. Best of all, it’s all easily prepared and enjoyed within 5 minutes as we call it “The Real Deal in 5 minutes”.

Having good food is just not good enough for today’s ever demanding consumers. We focused from the classy and modern packaging, to the fragrant aromas and to the deliciously crafted multi layered flavor profile, forms the unique Red Chef food experience that is not only memorable but makes everyone desiring for more.

Certified & Origin

Origin Malaysia

Spicy Level

Level 3 (Level 1 being least spicy and 5 being most spicy)

Non-added artificial colouring and preservatives

An instant noodle that is non-added artificial colouring and preservatives that provides a healthier choice and experience without compromising on convenience and taste.


The Natural Ingredient Pastes contain key ingredients that include real prawns, fresh onions and specific type of chilli species for the overall satisfaction. The outcome of cooking each packet of Red Chef Spicy Sakura Prawn Soup Noodlesis similar to the freshly served noodles that is cooked from scratch.
The package included a sachet of crunchy fried shallots which provide the full satisfaction from a bowl of Authentic Prawn Noodles.




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