Raw honey comes straight from the honeycomb. Bee pollen is surprisingly nutritious and contains over 250 substances, including vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids,  and antioxidants.

Pure Honey harvested after a period of 3-6 days. Raw honey is harvested after a period of 2 – 3weeks. (depends weather)
– Moisture is reduced by low heat to enable of longer shelf life
while retaining honey nutrients
-The bees are non sugar fed and honey is non sugar added.
-Packed in brown PET bottle to retain the honey’s nutrition and easy to use.



Place of Treating beehive


Benefit of Consumption


Wild flower , Chromolaena Odorata


Less sweet

–  Treat stomachache

–  Treat stomachache bloating

–  Treat swelling

–  Wound healing


Longan Flower

Longan Farm

Sweeter than wild honey

–  Promotes blood   circulation

–  Improve   brain memory

–  Enable good sleep


Lychee Flower

Lychee Farm

Sweet and slightly sour

–  Quench thirst

– Stimulate saliva

–  Support heart and  kidney function

⭐The taste and scent of this honey may fluctuate due to it being an entirely natural product.


-100% natural, no artificial additives, comply with AVA standard.
-100% Natural Certificate by The Thai Organic Beekeeper Association
-Halal Certification by The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand
-Good agricultural practice for Bee Farm by Department of Livestock Developmen, GMP Thai FDA


Keep dry and store away from heat.

Best Before

01 Aug 2024


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