100%  Natural Raw Honey- Organic

  • The honey is derived from 100% nectar of flower.
  • The honey is harvested after a period of 2 – 3weeks. (depends weather)
  • During honey harvesting no heat treatment is applied to reduce the moisture content but natural process is regulated viz. bees flapping their wings in the bee hives.
  • The bees are non sugar fed and honey is non sugar added.
  • 100% Thai origin, Honey from Thai Organic Farm.
  • Packed in unique wooden container to retain the honey nutrient.
  • It contains active flower enzyme, pollens and nectars. Besides, it also have active phyto-antigen which is good source for anti body up against diseases.
  • High antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties to fight diseases.

***The taste and scent of this honey may fluctuate due to it being an entirely natural product.

HARHSET190001 #B items:

1. Organic Raw Wild Flower Honey 150g x 1
Ingredients: 100% Pure Natural Honey

2. Organic Raw Longan Flower Honey 150g x 1
Ingredients: 100% Pure Natural Honey

3. Organic Raw Lychee Flower Honey 150g x 1
Ingredients: 100% Pure Natural Honey

4. Ginseng Raw Honey  150g x 1
Ingredients: Raw Honey 70% , Ginseng 30%

5. Bee Propolis Raw Honey mix 150g x 1
Ingredients: Raw Honey 95%, Bee Propolis 5%

6. Bee Pollen Raw Honey Mix 150g x 1
Ingredients: Raw Honey 60%, Bee Pollen 40%

>> Eco friendly packing products. >>   Pls recycle the Wooden Tray > can be used as a kitchen sauce tray…  bathroom tray…. flower pot stand and etc. .. Happy recycling!

Hamper A :

Organic Wild Honey 150g + Organic Longan Honey 150g+ Organic Lychee Honey 150g + Ginseng Raw Honey 150g + Bee Propolis Raw Honey Mix 150g + Bee Pollen Raw Honey Mix 150g.


100% natural, no artificial additives, comply with AVA standard.
-100% Natural Certificate by The Thai Organic Beekeeper Association
-Halal Certification by The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand
-Good agricultural pratices for Bee Farm by Department of Livestock Development, GMP Thai FDA


Keep dry and store away from heat.

Best before



with wooden tray stand, nicely wrapped with plastic.


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