Charging USB >feedback from users:

  1. Firstly check,  try to dispenser the water. If able to dispenser, Do not charge.
  2. Start to charge when no battery, and preferable charging time: abt 2 hrs.

Instruction of usage:
1. This product is strictly prohibited from dry pumping.
2. This product is forbidden to pump hot water, alcohol, oil and any other corrosive liquids.
3 Precipitation might occur naturally on the hose due to the mineral content from natural mineral water.
4.This product cannot be dismantled.

• Low noise function • Speedy outflow
• 2 modes: 1 button dispense/ 600ml quantitative dispense
• Portable charging: Chargeable via USB
• Functional anytime, anywhere. • Stylish & durable
• Electroplating on the body
• Food grade silicone hose
• Compatible with Spritzer  Water 6L & 9.5L


Specification: Pls refer to the images
*This product is for Ambient water ONLY [Water Bottled].
🌟Warning: This Pump dispenser cannot be washed.
🌟 Tube washable
🌟 No servicing, no spare parts replacement.


15cm x 7cm x14cm @ 380g (PUMP Size)
16cm x 7cm x 15cm @500g (Box Size)